Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peak Bagging

What is it about peak bagging? Some of us just get the fever and can't stop and others just don't get it. What is it that does it for you?

I personally have always loved spending time outdoors and have enjoyed hiking, biking, kayaking, and a number of other outdoor sports. Hiking in the Rocky Mountains is amazing and is something I have enjoyed since I was a child. But something inside of me changed once I first started summiting peaks.

I love maps, playing with a GPS, and reading guide books. There is just something about the journey and the need for a well planned strategy to get to the summit.

I also love the route finding. I love trying to decide which way looks best. I don't always pick the easiest route. I occasionally find myself crawling up a scree field knowing that I made a mistake. But that is part of the fun.

Standing on top of a mountain that I have climbed under my own power is priceless. The views are breathtaking and the sense of accomplishment is worth the effort.

The check on my checklist feels good but is such a small part of the overall experience. I love climbing peaks for everything mentioned above, but mostly for the solitude, the physical test, and the sense of accomplishment.

That's why I climb mountains. What about you?

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